Being Calm in Los Angeles


The spirituality of the states had started from Los Angeles, where I got a chance to practice Calm Abiding (Shamata) Meditation with Lama Guru Tenzing Lama and people from different part of the world.

Shamata(Calm Abiding) meditation is done by practicing single-pointed meditation most commonly through mindfulness of breathing or with an object.


The meditation was initiated by Reki Guru Lama Tenzing Sherpa and I had an honor to get invited and share some of my touring adventures and experience on how meditation helped me to keep going on difficult times on the road. A short and sweet gathering in Los Angeles was very enthusiastic and filled with charm, I got a chance to meet many people and develop spiritual bonding with everyone.


After the program, being in Hollywood was also a good moment to remember. All thanks to Tenzing Lama for the invitation and travellin.


Spiritual Texas

New Year in buddhist community is celebrated for 2 days. The first day, spiritual Leader (Lama) share teachings of peace to the followers of buddhism and on the second day old religious ornaments for prayers like lungta-darchor (holy cloth for worshipping in Buddhism) are replaced with new ones welcoming the new year.


‘Palul Changchub Dharyayling(PCD) Gumba’– Holy Place (like temple) celebrated New Year 2141 (According to Buddhist Calender) the same way. PCD Gumba is a centre of gathering for all Texan buddhist community.


PCD Gumba celebrated new year 2141(horse year) on 8th and 9th of march.


I had been to Texas on 7th and it was a pleasure for me being invited to join the new year celebration. I remember February 28th of 2011 when I had have a similar opportunity after completing 71 countries of my tour and I was happy once again for being with PCD family.SPIRITUALITY-IN-THE-STATES8-300x240

8th of March was teaching from Dr. Khempo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche and on 9th, the holy flag(lungtar) was changed new for old with religious process in the property of PCD-Gumba.

It was a completely spiritual time in Dallas before Tshiring Lama took an initiative to share about me and my tours as well as social work of Foundation to the members of PCD Dallas.

The program turned to be suprising and enthusiastic for me. It was a delight that everyone was ready to support my tour. From the members of PCD Dallas Family I got a huge support for my tour ahead and also for helping the differently able people back in Nepal with wheelchair under “Giving the Gift to Mobility” program of Furtemba Sherpa Foundation.

Thank you all and specially Tshering dai, for the support.


I must say US as always was a very good experience and memories for me.

Peace and Harmony




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