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Furtemba Sherpa

Cycling across the world for well over a decade, my journey has not been easy. I have endured injuries and danger along the route including road accidents, extreme weather, food poisoning, thirst, hunger, and beatings by bandits. People wonder and ask why I am doing this. My answer is simple – I must do it for my daughters and for children around the world. I carry the message of world peace, harmony and protecting Mother Earth. One pedal stroke at a time, I hope my story will inspire people to do their part in making our Earth green again.

Join hands with me to help the community & save Mother Nature


An estimated 100 million children, teens and adults across the world needing a wheelchair cannot afford one. Some international organizations believe that the number could be as high as 6% of the total population of developing countries. Through the project ‘The Gift of Mobility’, we strive to break the boundaries set by disabilities.

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