Moments with “Smart Kids” of Bishop Mackenzie International School (BMIS), Lilongwe, Malawi


Once again, I have reached to some of the most special people on the planet: children! This time it was Bishop Mackenzie International School (BMIS) in Lilongwe, Malawi on 12 May 2012. BMIS is an international, coeducational day school, which offers an educational program from kindergarten through grade 12 for pupils of all nationalities. With its key values- Belief, Motivation, Inspiration and Success it has been enjoying an enduring reputation of excellence in the region.



It was a genial 2 hours in the school where I had a chance to have an open discussion with around 400 people-students and teachers. Through the short video, I presented, I explained the purpose of my tour. I focused on the need of environmental sustainability and conveyed my message of world peace, social harmony and environment protection. It was pleasing for me to answer them as they were interested in knowing about me. The students asked me about the time I started the tour, supporters of the tour, easiest and difficult places to cycle. I was charmed to answer them how I managed food and the security threats I had.


After the discussion, I went to the classes where the students expressed their views on how environmental situation can be improved. I was very much impressed as primary level students put their brilliant ideas on how to act in protecting our environment. They talked about recycling of papers, plastics and bottles. They also talked about their project of making bangles out of recycled plastics, making money bag out of recycled juice and milk cartoons. I sometimes envy the smartness of these kids of today.


I also had a chance to meet Mr. Ben Bolliche and Green Team of BMIS, who are doing very simple and environment friendly projects. Making briquettes out of recycled papers and making shopping bags out of recycled newspapers are among the interesting projects they are doing currently. It was a pleasurable moment for me to hear that Mr. Ben talked about Nepal and even greeted in Nepali “Namaste”. He has hanged a poster of Mt. Everest on the wall of his classroom. I was also surprised by seeing his picture taken during his trekking in Nepal. He is still interested to go back to Nepal and would like to live there for a longer period.


I was delighted to meet the Head Teacher, Mrs. Janette Johnson, who already knew the kindness and honesty of Nepalese while she was working in Qatar and she welcomed me heartily and initiated to collect some donation for my mission. I presented her “Khada”- a symbol of peace and good wishes.


I would like to thank Bishop Mackenzie International School; it’s Primary Head Teacher, Mrs. Janette Johnson, all the teachers and students for this wonderful opportunity to talk about my mission for peace and environment and also an opportunity to learn from the school especially the children. I will never forget your affection and encouragement, which will help me, accomplish my mission. Also, thank you very much for featuring me and my mission in your weekly newsletter.