Guff-Gaff- At Resources Himalaya



“Guff Gaff” meaning Chit-Chat is normal and a regular activity to most of us.

But it is a little different than a normal Chit Chat or “Guff Gaff” for Resources Himalaya Foundation. In this non profit organization, like-minded people gather together and share some ideas on nature conservation.


MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institution winner organization-Resources Himalaya Foundation (in short called RHF) has been working on innovative research and policy analysis, mentoring and capacity building of younger generation, and creation g platform for knowledge management and dissemination.

(Mac Arthur Award is one of the biggest award worldwide provided for people and institutions working for any other environmental issues.)

Quantitative Biology and Livelihood, Biodiversity and Climate Change are the key concern of RHF. As its name suggests, the organization works in Himalayan region of Nepal.

Being a cyclist I was enthused to know about the man; conservationist by profession and cyclist by passion- Mr. Prahlad Yonjan, who gave 30 years of his life establishing and sustaining Resources Himalaya.


Through the organization, he worked to protect biodiversity in the Himalayan region of Nepal. One of his most acknowledged work was advocacy for protection of Red Panda. With his outstanding work and benevolent attitude he was well known in his field.

But 2011, October 31 came with a great misfortune. Mr. Prahlad Yonjan got into an accident while cycling in a busy road between Kalimati and Kalanki Kathmandu. He along with his bicycle was hit by a truck and some believe that the irresponsible truck driver after a slight hit, reversed the truck to get one of the great conservationist in the nation.

With Dr. Yonjan The Country lost not just a good human being but also a alacritous individual who dared to take his bicycle in the road for the environment he lived. He was a man determined to make change in the society initiating healthy habits. During his time (2003) when affluent people hardly even thought of getting a 2 wheeler ride on the road, he challenged the society with his act (Mr. Yonjan had a high financial/social status then). And his modesty had no limits: While attending ceremonies, he didn’t quit his cycling habits but rather carried his party(ceremony) dress to change before the program would start.

With Mr. Yonjan we not only lost an environment enthusiast but also a great peaceful soul. I along with Furtemba Sherpa Foundation would like to express a deep respect to his departed soul.

Guff-Gaff-Resources-Himalaya-2“The Guff- Gaff”

Coming to the real Guff- Gaff or Chit Chat, as previously said, it is a gathering of like-minded people sharing ideas for environment.

I had an honor to be a part of the program and share some of my experiences, ideas and concerns for the environment.


Talking about ideas I share around the world and my bicycle use was interesting. It was encouraging for me when I got to share my experiences and fulfill the queries of participants.

It was a charming conversation where all of us participants shared current status of cycling and pollution in Kathmandu; and some ideas regarding possible solution measures.

Among them, we all came to the consensus that cycling is indeed, beneficial for environment and for developing an environment friendly-cycling friendly attitude, awareness should be induced in people’s mind from the very childhood.

Despite our consensus on awareness all of the participants were enthusiastic about cycling.

The Time with everyone in Resources Himalaya was joyful where I got to learn a lot.

Special thanks to Pasang Yanje Sherpa for mediating the meet and this wonderful time I had with the prestigious organization and people there. I would like to express my gratitude to participants of “Guff Gaff”(listed below) for giving their precious time for me and Resources Himalaya Family. Also, thanks to Min Kumar Sherpa for accompanying me.



SN Name Organization
1 J R Ghimire

Central Dept. of Chemistry

2 Janardan Mainali


3 Ramji Bogati


4 Dhana Shrestha


5 Deepa Shrestha


6 Yadav Joshi


7 Anju Rana


8 Shishir Adhikari


9 Upama K.C.