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It is estimated that at least 100 million children, teens and adults worldwide need a wheelchair but cannot afford one. Some International Organizations believe that the number could be as high as 6% of total population of developing countries.
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Giving The Gift of Mobility- Anandaban Hospital

Giving The Gift of Mobility Anandaban Hospital

Kali Mijar was 8 years old when she discovered a mark in her body. She and her family never thought that small thing will make her life so miserable. The resident of Khokana, Mijar is now 79 years old and alone. Her brother and sister in law supported her for some time but now she is helpless. “I am used to going toilet and bathroom on my knees”-she shares her experience. She exclaimed with joy that she would now practice driving the wheelchair to have a smooth mobile life. Binu Sherpa’s eye felt with tears when Mijar greeted Sherpa and when she said Sherpa and the foundation was like god to her.

PROJECT UPDATE – Giving the Gift of Mobility


I am happy to report our fundraising effort to provide more wheelchairs to those who need one in Nepal is going strong. I am further pleased to report that on June 29th 2012, with your generous financial contribution, we will hand over 20 wheelchairs to Anandaban hospital located in Lalitpur Kathmandu. The hospital treats and houses patients suffering from leprosy which has left many of them without limbs and incurable disfigurement.

Giving the Gift of Mobility

Giving The Gift of Mobility

Last Dec of 2011, with a friend’s help, we provided ten wheelchairs as a Christmas gift to children with limited mobility in Nepal. Sadly, there are many more children with physical disabilities in Nepal that needs a wheelchair. One of my goals this year is continue the project which I like to call “The Gift of Mobility” to raise enough funds to provide hundred more wheelchairs to the children that needs one.