Delivering Tarpaulin Just Before the Rain

After Phutung which was nearby the capital, we planned to go to the remote place where help has not yet been reached. We have heard a lot of news about the relief not prioritized as per the need of victims, so we first planned for an assessment visit.


On our way to earthquake epic center Sindhupalchowk, we waited to visit the houses of Lapsefedi. There we met two individuals who had come to the highway to seek some support for their village. On a short talk he shared that his village about an hour walk from the main Arniko highway has been devastated and because of being remote no relief materials have reached there.


Our team planned to visit the village. We followed the young gentlemen who had come to the highway with the belief someone would help. Although we had come for intention to help we had no relief material with us then. But we could clearly see the slight ray of hope in the midst of tension in the face of the men leading us.


While reaching the village, the scene was heartbreaking. A lot of houses had been turned down like in the most part of the country and people were in deep sorrow. The broken down structures took lives of 2 kids in the village and left everyone to stay outside.


With the little they had left, they tried to recollect things around the rubbles. People were staying underneath the open sky and waiting for relief to come since everything they had turned down with the rubbles. Few who had the plastic covers used to protect the vegetables had managed to make a very small shelter of those covers to hide their head.

There were 56 houses in the village and everyone needed one thing or the other, but we were not capable to remove the tears of everyone there. Yet, among the 56 we identified 20 houses in immediate need of tarpaulin for shelter and food materials.


We rushed back to Kathmandu and started collecting resources. Palden Gurung in our relief team supported with medicines and we bought some food materials, more medicines including sanitary pads for women and some tarpaulins but it was not enough. Because the demand was very hard, it was very difficult to even buy those in the market. So, we requested everyone in our contacts to help us with tarpaulins. Ongma Gurung provided 3 tarpaulins and although we got it from Ms. Gurung immediately; we were not able to find more. Fortunately we got in contact with Mr. Harihar Guragain, and he just did not arranged tarpaulins but also was ready to accompany us for distributing relief.


Four days after the assessment we went to the village. Prabal Thapa helped us arrange a vehicle to take us there and this time it took more than an hour walk from the highway to reach there because we had to carry the materials which slowed down our pace. But there that was nothing compared to the difficulty people of Paiyun VDC have faced.


We were not able to support people there enough but we are happy that we were able to deliver the best we can. And as said before it was not enough, we only delivered support to the people who needed it the most. For more, our resources were also not enough and people there were also patient and strong to help us for making sure the most affected individuals only get the support with the limited resources we had. Their strength and honesty was indeed praiseworthy.


That day, there was a heavy rain in the evening. Deep inside I felt very happy that although a little late but we were able to deliver tents before the rain started. It was one of the greatest feeling to have that our effort has made at least a little impact for victims of earthquake.

Soon after I have heard they have been able to manage tarpaulin shelter for most of the people but with monsoon coming nearby, problem still exists. The hill above their head seems to be very vulnerable and prone to landslide as a part of it seems ready to fall. Hope this wont happen but if it does,15 houses will be buried under. Challenge still exists for the people in the village. Yet, finger crossed hoping for the best.

Last but not the least we would like to thank everyone who have accompained and supported us from the bottom of our heart. Many thanks to Sandeep, Sajeeta Paudyal, Palden Gurung, Amir Gurung, Binu Gurung, Harihar Guragain. We could never have been able to this well without you.

~Peace and Harmony~