Entering DR Congo- Some Challenges, Some Good Times

Entering DR Congo

I left Angola the day after their peace and reconciliation day celebration (4th of April) and entered Democratic republic of Congo the same day. Traveling inside Angola was smooth may it be ride on the road or interaction with people, but contrary to the neighbour country, challenges increased in Congo.

For the first 25 Km of journey, it was a gravel road which made it difficult to cycle on it. It was very tough and took a lot of time to get to the highway. Kids attracted to my bicycle added some more challenges. It’s a good thing that people have curiosity about me and my tour but some times, it becomes a hindrance when I am surrounded by a crowd and slows my progress.

Entering DR Congo1

It was already 6 pm after I travelled the distance more than 60 KM inside congo on the first day. I was in the middle of nowhere and because it was not safe in the country still in war to camp anywhere; I planned to hitchike to the nearest town. While I got a lift to travel to my next destination after trying more than an hour, I was completely wet in a very heavy rainfall. With difficulty, I managed to stay at a place somewhere near Kinshasa. The next day, I was able to reach the capital Kinshasa. I was a little scared that automobiles had no wiper while the rain was heavily hitting the glasses and I was more likely to get hit while I was pedaling on the side of the small road.
Entering DR Congo2

In Kinshasa, I was searching for an appropriate place to be in. I had plans to meet Nepalese to take instruction of regarding a place to stay. Many nepalese are serving the blue helmet peace force in DR Congo. With the information that they stay in MONUSCO, I was searching for it to meet someone I could get help of. In the search, I was infront of Tigo mobile office. I met Brahim Neller, marketing officer of tigo mobile and had some very good time with him. I also got a chance to meet many other friends from tigo mobile. It was my honor that everyone in the company were interested about me, my bicycle and my journey to spread the message of peace and environmental protection. Along with a beautiful t-shirt with Tigo brand, they helped me with internet connection so that I was able to be in touch while in DR Congo.

Entering DR Congo3

After such a pleasant time, I entered MONUSCO-1 to meet nepali friends but it was my bad luck that nepalese blue helmet peacekeepers had their residence in MONUSCO 2. The guard instructed me to take a kilometer distance for the second monusco so I rushed the way as he directed me. But unfortunately his 1 km came to be 5 km for me. It was a delight to meet Nepalese friends working for keeping peace in DR Congo. Finally, I ended the second day being at Nepal-House where I shared most of my moments in Kinshaha. I will be updating soon about my stay in Kinshasa.

Peace and Harmony

Furtemba Sherpa