Earthquake Again -7.4 Richter Scale


A second big quake of 7.4 magnitude has hit Nepal once again on 12th of May. Seismologists say this too is a aftershock but it is quite unusual for an aftershock to be so huge. They had predicted that there would be one in 200 chance for any quake above 7. Although the probability was predicted so low, it was not completely unexpected.

After the earthquake, already scared Nepalese, including all of us have been feeling a deep insecurity.  All of us have been staying in open field for safety. Within these past 20 days we have already experienced more than 200 tremors. Each and every time the earth shakes every Nepalese have started feeling it is not ever going to stop.


Althouth, the country since a very long time in a seismic active zone, this is the worst Nepal has felt since past 80 years. Now the quake has not just made the heart of people weak but also after so many quakes, a lot of houses are prone to damage and have less resistance. Despite this, landslide has been a primary issue. On 12th numerous dry landslides were felt near the earthquake centre (Sindhupalchowk) of the 7.1 magnitude tremor.  Other various landslide hit other nearby region Dolakha and Nuwakot as well. The landslide has buried number of villages.


Another disaster might be on its way – Moonsoon which is to start within a month. The risk again is very high since the already weak mountains, structures and hills might lead to fatal breaks and landslides. The danger of epidimics in the moonsoon cannot be predicted how huge it is going to be because there might be bodies of animals and even humans buried under with the possibility of infections and spreading of disease.


At this moment, while the tremors shows no sigh of stopping, all we have been doing and need to do it be patient, be safe and do the best to help others. We need strength, prayers and support from around the world for getting the country back to Normal.

Hoping this to stop or at least hoping coming Earthquake will do no more severe Harm to the Nation.

~Peace and Harmony