A Little Effort for Earthquake Victims- PHUTUNG

It is an undeniable fat that Nepal is one of the developing country with low economy and gross domestic product. In Asia, it lies in the bottom two. Given the condition, it is obviously challenging for the nation to cope with the recent natural disaster. We have received a huge support from people around the world and we are grateful for this.


This time, the destruction is so big that entire government bodies come together are not able to do enough to reach people in need and provide relief to everyone. We, as responsible citizens and organizations in the country also have a responsibility to do the best we can to help.

Foundation Team with people of Phutung
Foundation Team with people of Phutung

Furtemba Sherpa Foundation decided to work for providing the best we can with the resources we had to give at least a little relief to people in need. We choose a place few kilometers away from Kathmandu – Phutung as our first site.


We bought some tarpaulins, few blankets, some medicines , masks, chlorine liquid for water purification and some food including biscuits and noodles.


While reaching the village, the sight was heartbreaking. It was on last week of April we had been there and the first earthquake 7.9 richter scale had destroyed more than 60% of the houses in the village.


We had already identified villagers and potential requirement with the help of friends in the area. We scrutinized few people among the most affected and provided materials the best we  could. Our resources were not enough to meet the need of everyone but we did our best to make optimum impact with those we had.

All the founder members got emotional meeting Mr. Suresh Tamang.


Mr. Tamang lost his wife a daughter and a niece. His another daughter was in hospital in Chhauni after she had her legs broken.


He stayed in a rented house which got demolished and despite of all his grief; construction worker by profession, he was helping his neighbors to get their things fixed. I was overwhelmed by his action and strength.

We also got a chance to support an elderly woman Man Rupa Mijar who had faced the earthquake of 1934 A.D (1990 B.S) and she had to face it again.


She shared that she was only 12 years then. Mijar, the eldest of the joint family was staying with her sons, daughter in law and grand children. All of them have now been shifted to tarpaulin shelter outside their house. While we went to her with the materials we had, we had a friendly conversation with her and shared little time together. With her charming smile and hospitable nature, she made us remember her for lifetime.


The day was well spent. It would have never been possible without the support we have got from people around the world. We would like to thank everyone for the support and specially would like to thank people of Phutung for allowing us to help.

During the visit to Phutung, we realized that we should work keep on working. After Phutung we visited 2 other places and did our best to help. We will be updating about it soon.

~Peace and Harmony

Furtemba Sherpa