Artificial Leg for Mobility

After I came back meeting Akkal Bahadur Tamang I was curious about the disease that led to amputation of his leg. He had to remove his leg after blood circulation was blocked. I later found out that it was because of cholesterol buildup in arteries that pass blood to the legs. The disease known as Peripheral Arterial Disease is led by cholesterols and other lipids that make the atrial wall thick and block blood passage; the severe outcome of which is amputation.


Mr. Akkal Bahadur Tamang from Nanglaberi -9 is among the victims of earthquake among the many whose house was turned down.

He used to make his living as a driver to take care of his family of wife and 2 kids until 2012. Three years back he had to cut off his legs which used to press the clutches that help him move the vehicles as a driver and their life. After they had a troublesome 3 years, his spouse also left him with the responsibility of both of their children in his single feet.


Now he, who is the hope of his 2 children one 9 years old and the other 14 has no work since he could not drive and has no other ways to make his living.

Mr. Tamang got a training on how to walk with artificial legs from Disability Centre in Kathmandu but was not provided with legs. He has been recommended by Doctors to use artificial legs for mobility but his pocket has seen no way to buy one. Taking care of his children alone have been a great trouble for him and there is no way he can afford a leg that would cost more than 45 thousand


“If I get an artificial leg, I would be able to work again for growing these 2 kids and provide a good education to them. I have myself have no other wish. ” Mr Tamang shared his feeling and concern for his children. He says “The legs will not let me drive again but one way or the other I will make my living with it.”


Akkal Bahadur now seeks someone who could help him get him a new leg as a gift for his mobile life. We have seen him, interviewed him and wee too believe an artificial leg can really make a difference in his life.

Your support can actually make a difference to an individual’s life and help kids have a better future. We appeal to support us provide him a “Gift of Mobility” and change his life.

~~Peace and Harmony~~

Furtemba Sherpa


Other than his story, I too found something. The disease that led to amputation of his leg i.e Peripheral Artery Disease is caused by accumulation of cholesterol and fluid in the artery (the vessel that passes blood to legs). This can be caused due to

  • Diabetes (About 1 in 3 people older than 50 who has diabetes also has P.A.D.)
  • High Blood Pressure or a family history of it.
  • High Blood Cholestrol or a family history of it.
  • Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) or a family history of it.
  • Stroke or a family history of it.
  • Metabolic syndrome (a group of risk factors that raise your risk of CHD and other health problems, such as P.A.D., stroke, and diabetes).

All of the above are the result of unhealthy diet and lack of Exercise.

We appeal everyone to follow healthy lifestyle like cycling, exercise and healthy diet to get rid of the deadly diseases causing problems like that of Mr. Akal Bahadur Gurung.

A small effort as cycling as an exercise would help.

~~Start Cycling and Be Healthy because prevention is always better than cure. ~~